duminică, 20 septembrie 2009

If you were a font which one would you be and why?

Does this question seem strange to you? Well, it might be. But have you noticed that most people use the default font that the text editing program has installed, meanwhile the ones who write a lot or who know the programs a little better than just to open and type are selecting their own fonts?

Have you heard about Graphology? It is the science that reads someone's personality in their handwriting. Now, Graphology is on its way towards extinction, since less and less people in the modern society actually write. We use out mobiles to type notes and phone numbers, we use our computers to put our personal notes, we tend not to use the pen so much and future generations probably won't know how to handwrite. Graphology states that people put something of themselves in the words they write. Don't we put something of ourselves even when we type?

The fonts people chose say something about themselves and their preferences. Even when chosing between Arial and Times New Roman you make a choice that says something. You are prefering a serif font or a sans serif font to the other. This could mean that your personality is more ordered and simplistic if you chose Arial and a little more complicated, detail oriented when chosing Times New.

I used to like Garamond a lot, because it seemed to me a very elegant font, complex, yet uncomplicated. The serif is more discreet than Times New Roman, but the font in itself creates a more complex image. It is rounder than Times New Roman, and for me it seems friendlier. However, in the business communciation I never used Garamond, sticking to the standard Times New.

But after thousands of pages and documents created, I have the right to give a little personality to what I put on paper using the visual aid of font styles, sizes and color as well. I went through a Tahoma faze for a while – it seemed to me clear, easy to read, but still friendlier than the cold, sens serif Arial. But Tahoma is not me.

I am Trebuchet MS. Clear, easy to read, very extroverse, yet round and cuddly. Trebuchet allows you to read a lot without bothering your eyes, it is open. It is well dimensioned to go well with the scientific approach, yet some of the letters are rounded and more proper for a casual approach. It is a feminine font, but a straight, clear and aerated one as masculine fonts like Verdana or Arial are.

I use Trebouchet MS in both personal and professional communciation and it fits both areas very well. Even an official letter looks good in Trebouchet MS, although it is not standard. Trebouchet is the font that is classical, yet accessorized. Just like I think I am. My dress style is classical, mature, appropriate for where I am, but still accessorized, still with some color. I wear make up even if I am dressed casual. I wear a little color and obvious jewelry even with a sober, grey suit, to a conference. The way I dress is the way I am. The way i write has to be the way I am.

I am writing this post because I noticed how I can recognize myself in a document from a pile of papers written by many people and how among the papers I wrote in time, I can spot the most recent ones, without seeing the title or any of the content. Trebuchet MS is what describes me best in terms of font at this moment of my life.

But the font is not all that makes the document mine. The way I post the titles, the colors I use for them, the way i structure the content, the use of bullets and aligning, the overall aspect of the paper. Two different people, both using the same font and writing the same text, don't issue two visually identical pieces of paper. Isn't this funny?

Have you ever thought about this? Do you know what your font is? Do you know why you prefer the font you commonly use? I bet most of the ones who read this post never gave a thought to it... well. You, who know me are not surprised for sure. :)

So if you were a font what font would you be an why?

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