vineri, 27 martie 2009

You cannot satisfy them all

Marketing is a question of taste, or research, an art and a science.

You can do the best marketing possible, you can take the most appropriate actions, and you can go the extra mile. I can guarantee you that you will always find someone who is not happy with what you are doing.

If you are a young marketer, remember this: you cannot satisfy them all. Right it on a big poster and put it in front of your eyes. This will spare you a great deal of frustration in those moments when you are happy with your results and you would expect to be congratulated and all of a sudden you receive an e-mail criticizing you or a direct and public critique in a meeting.

People are generally rude. Do not spend too much energy in fighting back and most importantly- do not compromise your marketing just for pleasing some civilian who really does not get it. If you argue for your version, you will only make it worse. Play it clever: say “yes”, say you agree with them and do what you think it is the better marketing. After all if you really make a mistake, it is your head, not theirs. Don’t mind the opinions of people who are not responsible for marketing. The only judgment that counts is your targets and the direct way of knowing is through sales when it is applicable of through research.

Everybody knows everything about football, politics and marketing.

You can be almost sure that your colleagues are not part of your target. Why would you bother to listen to their comments? Why would you compromise to please them? Don’t. The only people you need to please be your clients...

Your big boss is another difficult issue. Unless he is an ex marketing director, you will find yourself asked to change some things. Pick your fights carefully. My advice is to fight for the elements that are really important and will make a difference and use small concessions to get to the professional and good marketing you know you can make. Unfortunately, it is extremely rare that your boss will not try to impose his own taste. Remember that he also is outside your target. Show him the money and you will win.